Stories from our Users

I called a client that manages their own site because Are My Sites Up told me their site was down. Ended up getting a new prospective project.

- Jaemie Gyurik

My site kept going down and after 3 times, an hour here and there, I finally emailed my host and told them I’m using AMSU to monitor when my sites down and it apparently is going down quite frequently. My site was immediately put back up and hasn’t gone down since. Makes me kind of wonder if they were trying to cut corners possibly to save some pennies here and there.

- David Sparks

My client needed their site online during a very busy week of business. The site went down at 4AM. I got the email from AMSU. And when I got up that morning, I checked my iPhone and realized the site was down! I wouldn’t have known otherwise, and my client probably would have been the one calling me asking “why is my site down!?” Thanks for helping me put out that fire before it happened!

- Jason Robb

Saves bacon regularly.

- Dave Simon

My cell phone goes off with an e-mail saying my main site is down. Probably wouldn’t have noticed it until 8 or 9 hours later, but was able to log in remotely and restart the MySQL process that had crashed. Signed up 5 minutes later for the professional version.

- Anonymous