New Signups Temporarily Disabled

Posted on January 12th, 2009 by Chris Coyier

We are turning off new registrations temporarily.

Our top priority is maintaining a high quality of service, and in order to do that we need to make sure the growth is manageable. We just need a little time to get situated. Again, thanks so much for bearing with us! It won’t be too long before we open the gates again.

The best way to get notified when we are open again is to subscribe to this blog.


  1. Prawin says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am really happy to know about your service, which i was looking from long back. Nice work, thought.
    i would like to regiister myself n the above mentioned site for tracking its uptime. But because of your “We are turning off new registrations temporarily.” i am not able to do. So please do the needfull and help me out.

    Thanks and Regards,

  2. sean says:

    anyway we can get notified when you’re taking new registrations?

  3. Chris Coyier says:

    Subscribe to the blog (email or rss links in the sidebar), and you’ll be the first to know!. I’ll add that to the post as well.

  4. I did sign up for the rss feed, but do you have a rough time line? a few more days, few more weeks, early 2015?



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